USP 800 Barrier Chemo Gown


Size: Small/Medium - 30 Gowns
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Specially designed and tested gown for compliance with the USP800 recommended procedure for the handling of hazardous drugs. This gown is also suitable for use in critical and low particulate clean environments, exposure to bloodborne pathogens and many hazardous liquids, or where liquid splash is a concern. Features include tested and verified liquid-proof taped seams, tunnelized elastic wrists, elastic thumb loop, Velcro neck loop closure, and extra long-coated waist ties for easy front (or rear) closure.

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Physical Properties:

The gown fabric is constructed from a blend of polyethylene and polypropylene into a unique multi-layer tested & verified hazardous drug  barrier. All gown seams are sealed with a proprietary co-polymer tape making the seams also a tested and verified hazardous drug barrier. Individually inspected for sizing, stitching and workmanship. 

Chemotherapy Drug Permeation

Per independent laboratory ASTM D6978 testing that is 10 times more stringent than the ASTM F739 testing other manufacturers use.

This garment's seams are also included in this test, where other manufacturers only test the fabric.

Drug                                 Breakthrough time

Carmustine                      27.6 minutes

Cisplatin                               Greater than 240 minutes

Cyclophosphamide            Greater than 240 minutes

Dacarbazine                        Greater than 240 minutes

Doxorubicin                         Greater than 240 minutes

Etoposide                             Greater than 240 minutes

Fluorouracil                          Greater than 240 minutes

Methotrexate                       Greater than 240 minutes

Mitomycin C                         Greater than 240 minutes

Paclitaxel                               Greater than 240 minutes

Thiotepa                                Greater than 240 minutes

Vincristine                             Greater than 240 minutes

ISO Cleanroom Class:     5    Helmke Drum Testing      IEST-RP-CC003.3


2 Sizes available:              815775-SMD  Hybrid Small-Medium   24x43"

                                              815775-LXL  Hybrid Large-XLarge        25x48"

Fabric Weight:                   60gm/m2


Other Test Data:

Bloodborne Pathogens:     PASS                                                      ASTM F1671

Grab Strength:                     MD: 20.3 lbs, XD: 14.5 lbs                  ASTM D751

Ball Burst:                             20.3 lbs                                                 ASTM D3787

Puncture/Tear:                    MD: 4.9 lbs,   XD: 5.8 lbs                     ASTM D2582

Flammability:                       Class 1                                                   CPSC 1610


Blue gown with blue taped seams



Neatly folded and individually packed in vacuum sealed / USP800 labeled bags, 30 individual bags per master case liner bag, 30 total gowns per case. 


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