Sterile IPA 70% Presaturated Wipes - 9"X 9"


Title: Case - 24 Packs (30 wipes each)
Sale price$235.00 usd


Sterile isopropyl alcohol wipers are 70% saturated and are low linting. Composed of a 55/45 cellulose blend, each 9" x 9" wiper is 65gsm, with 30 wipers per zip pack, and 24 packs per case.

  • Gamma irradiated to a 10 -6 sterility assurance level
  • Saturated with isopropyl alcohol, 70% USP
  • Alcohol is filtered twice through 0.2μm filters, and then terminally sterilized
  • 9" x 9" size
  • Extremely low linting, 65gsm cellulose blend
  • Double bagged for added cleanroom protection

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