Nitrile Flexal Comfort Exam Gloves - Large


Size: Large (200 Gloves)
Sale price$36.00 usd


Cardinal Health™ FLEXAL™ Comfort is the next generation of our FLEXAL™ nitrile exam gloves – combining excellent fit and comfort with improved protection from chemotherapy drugs and lab chemicals. And if that is not enough we have also added an FDA approved low dermatitis potential claim which makes this glove one of a kind.

  • FLEXAL™ Level protection – Standard protection level within our High Use portfolio
  • Latex-like min elongation based on the min. ASTM standard3 which can help to reduce cuff tears during donning
  • Low dermatitis formulation – reducing the risk of developing a type IV hypersensitivity to chemical accelerants
  • Tested for use with 9 chemotherapy drugs according to ASTM D6978
  • Tested against 19 common lab chemicals with 15 showing breakthrough times above 30min
  • Premium box with dispensing film
  • USP 800 compliant

Information Sheet

Non-Latex Yes
Chemo Yes
Case Amount 10 boxes
Sterile No
Color Blue
Cuff Beaded
Finger Thickness 3.7 mil
Texture Fingertip
Length Inches 9.5 "
Material Nitrile

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