Heavy Polyethylene Covers


Title: Large (300 Shoe covers)
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Lint free / latex free shoe cover with internally sewn elastic bottom seam. Constructed from a heavy weight polyethylene film for added strength and durability. Embossed texture for added skid resistance. For use in critical and low particulate clean environments, and many general industrial applications. Fabric is suitable for exposure to bloodborne pathogens and some hazardous liquids. Serged seam.


Physical Properties:

Fabric is constructed from a proprietary solid polyethylene film and is embossed for additional skid resistance. 6 mil material thickness. Individually inspected for sizing, stitching and workmanship.


Test Results:

ISO Cleanroom Class:        5                                               IEST-RP-CC003.3

Coefficient of Friction:      .63us                                           ASTM D2047

Particles:                         >.5 μm/minute - 56 avg               IEST-RP-CC003.3

Flammability Class:           1                                                CPSC 1610


Color:  Blue


Size:  Large



Neatly cleanroom packed - 100 pieces per sealed inner polybag, 3 polybags per sealed master bag, 300 pieces per case.

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