6x9 Biohazard Specimen Bags


QTY: 1000/Case
Sale price$95.00 usd


These 3 Wall 6x9 2-mil biohazard specimen bags are printed red and black. They offer a back pouch to keep paperwork secure for shipping and packaging medical specimens for lab transportation. 2 color 6 x 9 .002 mil zip locking specimen transport bags incorporate a zipper compartment for lab transport specimen and a separate attached document pouch.

The Biohazard specimen bags protect health-care personnel from specimen leaks, and the document pouch compartment prevents the patient information from being misplaced when being shipped to a lab for testing. The 6in x 9in zip locking specimen lab transport bags conform to NCCLS specimen handling guidelines for secondary containment. The red and black bio hazard print is easily noticed and meets OSHA specs V.A. hospitals and other major medical institutions.

NOTE: This bag does not meet the 95kPa ( 13.3 psi ) IATA standard for shipping hazardous liquids via Air transport. 95kPa compliant bags are generally 15 times more expensive.

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